Report 2012


Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 915501, Longwood, FL 32791-5501
Annual Meeting January 23, 2013
Treasurer’s Report for Calendar Year 2012

With no increase in the 2012 Annual Assessment, and without a special assessment, the repair and re-surface of the pool deck, pavilion, and bathrooms was completed this year!  The $10,274 cost was covered in part by savings realized from delaying replacement of the driveway apron, landscaping upgrades, and Neighborhood Watch program (budget total: $2,400), and we also cashed in one of the two CDs ($4,203).

Income exceeded expenses by $4,322 this year, and these funds will be applied towards 2013 budget items.

We had no non-payments or homes in foreclosure at the end of 2012, and we continue to follow the late payment collection policy from past years, as authorized in the Association Articles of Incorporation; Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions; and Bylaws. The Board shall refer all debt collection for payments 30 days past the due date to the Association’s attorney, with all applicable legal fees and expenses billed to the homeowner.

The 2012 Financial Statement will be prepared by our accountant and will be available upon request thereafter. End of year balances are summarized below:

Income: $19,836.94
Expenses: $15,515.03
Net gain/loss: $4,321.91
Cash and Reserves: $27,969.50

Prepared by Elaine Curran WGVHA Treasurer January 23, 2013