John EwseychikPresident: JOHN EWSEYCHIK

John is a registered landscape and golf course architect. He was re-elected to the board at the January 2017 Annual Meeting for a three year term and re-elected president for 2017 by his fellow board members in March 2017. The president presides at all board meetings, ensures that resolutions of the board are carried out, negotiates and signs contracts and counter-signs checks.


Steve TretterVice-President: STEVE TRETTER

Steve is a manufacturers’ representative and busy father of three young children. He was re-elected board member at the January 2017 Annual Meeting for a three year term and subsequently re-elected vice-president for 2017 by fellow directors in March 2017. The vice-president acts in the place and stead of the president in the event of his absence, inability or refusal to act, exercises and discharges such other duties as may be required of him by the Board. Steve also manages vendor relationships and monitors their performance.


Patrice BurkeTreasurer: PATRICE BURKE

Patrice has 30 years experience as a paralegal in commercial transactions and intellectual property and is active in her church over two decades. She was elected to the board at the January 2016 Annual Meeting for a three year term and elected treasurer for 2017 by fellow directors in March 2017. The treasurer is responsible for the collection and deposit of dues; keeps proper books of account; arranges with the Association’s accountant to prepare tax returns and annual statement of account; prepares an annual budget and treasurer’s report.


RebeccaSecretary: REBECCA WARWICK

Rebecca has extensive clerical and managerial skills from twenty years experience in the legal field. She is very involved in the local community, with three children attending Wekiva and Lake Brantley High School. Rebecca was re-elected board member at the January 2018 Annual Meeting for a three year term and re-elected secretary for 2018 by fellow directors in February 2018. The secretary records votes, keeps minutes of all board meetings, keeps a record of names and addresses of members, posts legal notices and various mailings to members.


blankMember-at-Large: ADAM KWATER

Adam is a supervisor with a large general contractor and leads the electrical division as project manager. He was re-elected to the board at the January 2018 Annual Meeting for a three year term.



REQUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS: Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners Association is administered by a volunteer five-person Board of Directors who serve staggered three year terms. This means there will be one or more open board seats up for election at the next annual meeting to be held sometime early next calendar year. Home owners associations are democratic entities and the board of directors is responsible for carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the association on behalf of all members. Volunteers are needed to contribute their time and effort to help make this a better association. If you have an interest in serving please contact the board to make your intentions known.