Annual: Mar 1


March 1, 2006
Seminole County West Branch Library

Members who attended signed an attendance sheet.

The meeting was facilitated by Board President, Tom Donovan and Paul Wean of Wean and Malchow.

All financial and other documentation pertinent to the association were made available for review by retiring President, Tom Donovan.

There was discussion as to how many positions the Board of Directors should occupy. It was agreed that any change to the existing structure would be accomplished by the newly elected board.

Judy Simms had provided a write up as to what qualifications and attributes she thought a good board member should possess. At the request of Judy, each nominated new board member delivered a short pitch of why they should serve and what they would like to accomplish in their tenure.

Paul Wean counted the collected election ballots, which included proxy ballots.

John Carter, John Ewseychik, and Jerome Boucquet were elected to the WGVHA Board of Directors.

There was general discussion of the direction the new board and the association membership may pursue.

The elected board agreed to hold its first meeting in the near future.

The meeting adjourned.