Board: Apr 1


April 1, 2006

The first meeting of the newly elected board of directors of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on April 1, 2006, at the pool.  Attending were directors Jerome Bocquet, J. Carter and J. Ewseychik.  Also attending was Tom Donovan, outgoing president, as well as homeowner Judy Simms, who volunteered to take the minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.

First order of business was election of officers.  J.Carter made a motion that J.Ewseychik be president. Jerome Bocquet seconded the motion. J. Carter volunteered to serve as secretary-treasurer, with the stipulation that during his absence from June to October, the duties of this office would be assumed by another board member. J.Bocquet agreed to serve as vice president. The officers were unanimously elected by the board.

T. Donovan then transferred information and items necessary to carry on the business of the association.  These included, but were not limited to, a list of contractors doing business with the association, invoices and status of payables, check book and bank statements, 2004 financial statements, 2005 tax return to be filed, list of deeded properties in the association, status of receivables,  insurance policy, correspondence and other paperwork, petty cash, stamps and other miscellaneous items.  Also transferred to the new board were keys, including keys to the gate, pump room key, p.o. box key, and key to the storage room.

After discussion, the new board established the following action items

– President and secretary-treasurer to meet at Regions Bank on 4/03/06 for checking account signatures.
– Issue statements for 2nd quarter dues as soon as possible.
– Process vendor invoices for payment and/or refund.
– Contact Robert Sanders, accountant, regarding filing the 2005 tax return.
– Select a vendor to pressure clean the pool deck and otherwise clean the premises.
– Meet with Winn Pool Service to review the condition of the pool and equipment.
– Review all financial statements and other financial paperwork for potential problems.
– President to meet with attorney to review the process for changing the bylaws pertaining to the size of the board, as well as other potential changes.
– Review the bidding process for vendors doing business with the association.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 12 noon.  No date was set for the next board meeting.