Board: June 2


June 2, 2007

A meeting of the board of directors of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on June 2, 2007, at the pool, 201 Albrighton Court, Longwood, Florida.  In attendance were directors John Carter, Greg Clifford, John Ewseychik, and Alan Misek.

John Ewseychik, president, called the meeting to order at 10:050 a.m.

First order of business was the unacceptable state of services from two of our vendors: Barry Winn, our pool contractor; and Richart Services, our janitorial contractor.

Barry Winn was requested in April to replace broken tiles and has yet to do so, indicating that he cannot find the matching tiles.  To expedite this critical project, Alan Misek and Greg Clifford will take samples of tiles and search for replacements.  Additionally, there are several dripping pipes in equipment room.  John Ewseychik and John Carter will review the recent valve repair invoice from Barry Winn.  If we were already billed for this service, Barry will have to correct.  If not we will have Barry repair the dripping pipes.  John Ewseychik will inform Alan Misek on how to proceed with Barry in this regard. Alan Misek will also request that Barry replace the broken expansion joints and deck-o-drain.

Richart is doing a poor job of restroom maintenance.  Paper products and soap are not being restocked.  Floors are not being mopped.  John Ewseychik, Alan Misek and Greg Clifford have all received complaints from members.  John Carter recently observed the cleaning crew spend only 5 minutes on property.  John Ewseychik called Richart and left message – he will resolve issue.  Soap dispensers are corroded – Greg Clifford researched foam soap dispensers.  Motion was put forth and carried that Greg Clifford will order and install the soap dispensers in both bathrooms.

In other business, the board established the following action items:

  • Liability insurance certificate still outstanding for Cruisin Cuts Landscaping, who seems unwilling to provide.  John Ewseychik to request proposals from insured contractors.
  • Liability insurance certificate from Barry Winn missing certain information.  John Ewseychik marked revisions on form and gave to Alan Misek to have Barry Winn get corrected version from his insurance provider.
  • Reviewed proposal from Napoli Property Services for maintenance as follows:  1) Repaint the front gate black.  2)  Repair and retexture ceilings in both restrooms.  3)  Paint both bathrooms with white semi-gloss paint.  4)  Install new door to Women’s restroom (existing one rusted out on bottom).  5)  Install new door closures on both restroom doors.  6)  Paint both restroom doors.  7)  Install new screen in Women’s restroom.  8)  Pressure wash pool furniture, pool deck, bathroom building, covered porch and both sides of privacy wall.  Proposal amount of $2835.00 deemed to be appropriate.  John Carter requested customer references, and board agreed that Napoli must provide and adhere to a strict completion schedule for the services, beginning with the pressure washing.  John Ewseychik telephoned and left message for Napoli.
  • Once pool furniture is pressure washed, it shall be wiped down bi-weekly during the May-October season.  Requesting proposal from Richart with intention of starting immediately after Napoli pressure washes.
  • John Ewseychik informed the board that he was notified by Wekiva Home Owners’ Association that our privacy wall is out of compliance and needs to be painted.  John Ewseychik will request bids from Napoli and another painter for whom Alan Misek will provide the contact information.
  • The garden hose in equipment room is deteriorated and cracked.  Greg Clifford will purchase a new hose.
  • John Carter proposed updating the emergency numbers on the Pool Rules sign.  Greg Clifford was recently at the pool when Barry Winn had mentioned that Seminole County has a maximum capacity that differs from that stated on the sign.  Greg Clifford will fax copy of Pool Permit to John Ewseychik, who will contact Seminole County Health Department for an accurate capacity.  This and the emergency numbers will be updated on sign by Napoli when they are painting.
  • Appraiser has inspected the property but has not sent the appraisal.  Greg Clifford left message for appraiser so we can get this document ASAP, as needed for property insurance purposes.

John Carter presented the Treasurer’s Report:

  • $1000 in savings account
  • $4418 in checking account
  • $5000 in CD maturing on 8/26/07
  • $18,714 in CD maturing on 12/8/07
  • All homeowner’s dues for 2007 Q2 have been paid
  • Seventeen homeowners are pre-paid for all of 2007

Board hopes to be able to renew the $5000 CD on 8/26/07 to take advantage of the higher interest rate, approximately 5% on CD versus approximately 1% in savings account.  This will be reviewed in August following the capital expenditures outlined above.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.