Board: Mar 8


March 8, 2008

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on March 8, 2008, at the WGVHA pool on Albrighton Ct., Longwood, Florida.   This meeting also serves as the budget meeting, as well as the organizational meeting.

John Ewseychik, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 10:40 a.m.  Also in attendance were John Carter, treasurer; Greg Clifford, secretary and Steve Tretter, recently elected.  A number of homeowners joined the meeting also.

John Ewseychik commenced the meeting with discussion regarding the dues increase in the amount of 5% retroactively for 2008 as attorney advised is the maximum allowed in our Declarations.  Board sees need to increase 5% annually for next several years.  Needs for capital improvements and increased costs for vendors due to insurance requirements were explained.  Additionally John Ewseychik outlined the board’s recent decision to switch landscaping contractor to Dobson’s Wood & Water, Inc.  He presented the facts that our current dues along with increased costs will result in a zero budget, with no contribution to reserves to handle capital improvements that may occur in upcoming years.

Some of these expenses include:

  • replacement ladder (immediate:  approx $900 to conform with new Code)
  • pool deck (1-2 years:  $6-7000 for surface that need to be redone every 7-8 years, or $15-20,000 for pavers – a permanent solution with minor upkeep costs)
  • pool resurfacing (
  • replacement fence or wall between pool and Viola properties (immediate:  estimates needed)
  • improvements to pavilion (immediate: approx $1200 to run electricity and install timer-operated ceiling fans)
  • move iron fence from behind pavilion 90 degrees to open up the natural area as useable space (immediate:  estimates needed)
  • roof replacement for building and pavilion (likely in 10 years)
  • replacement of outer poolside berm tile with frost-proof tiles (depends on severity of upcoming winters:  no estimate at this time)
  • replace gravel parking lot with concrete (no time frame:  approx $7000)

John Carter presented the Treasurer’s Report for 2007 year-end.  Essentially we are running a zero budget, with expenses equal to income.  Also, we have 7 homeowners who have prepaid the full 2008 dues and 2 homeowners who are delinquent for 1Q08 dues.

John Ewseychik states that with a zero budget, since no money goes into reserves, a few major repairs will wipe out our funds.  The board must plan for these eventualities to ensure that homeowners are not hit with an enormous special assessment.  There is no way that all of these improvements can be made immediately without a special assessment, which given current economic conditions, is not something the board wishes to do.

Much discussion from the floor ensues, the gist of which is that most homeowners agree that a 5% increase in dues is reasonable and a special assessment is not appropriate at this time.  Most agree that we should make minor and necessary repairs and improvements as needed but defer any major expenses as long as possible.  Several homeowners add that pool heating should be on the list of improvements.  Neighborhood wall maintenance was discussed for those homeowners who have a section of the boundary wall on their property; the Benders suggest Creeping Fig to cover the wall – a few sprigs that cost less than $1 each could cover an entire wall section and negate the need for future pressure washing and painting.  A request was made that the board send out post cards to invite homeowners to come down to the pool to take a look when an improvement is made.  Concern is voiced over board’s intent to continue the 5% annual increase in dues for the next several years.  Many homeowners provided email addresses for the delivery of association documents.

Steve Tretter suggests that a survey be sent out to homeowners with a list of improvements and associated costs.  Homeowners could then prioritize the list and add any comments for the boards consideration.

The board votes to approve a 5% increase in dues retroactive including all of 2008.

The board votes to extend the Covenants for another 30 years.

Board organization is proposed to maintain the current positions of:  John Ewseychik – President,  Jerome Bocquet – Vice President, John Carter – Treasurer, Greg Clifford – Secretary.  Steve Tretter will assume the position of a Director on the board.  The board votes to approve the aforementioned organizational structure.

Minutes from the 2-17-08 Board Meeting were approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Clifford