Board: May 10


May 10, 2008


A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on May 10, 2008, at the WGVHA pool on Albrighton CT., Longwood, Florida.

John Ewseychik, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 11:03 a.m.  Also in attendance were John Carter, Greg Clifford and Steve Tretter

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss maintenance and capital improvement priorities at the pool.  Pursuant to this goal John Ewseychik proposes we establish the Association’s available funds and reserves, as well as a list of possible projects and estimated costs.

John Carter reports that we have approximately $9,000 in ready cash and a $19,000 CD maturing on June 1, 2008.  Operating expenses for the remainder of 2008 are approximately $5,000, which will be 90% covered by owner dues barring any delinquencies or non-payments.  Considering our hurricane deductible that could be needed, the board must maintain a minimum of $5000.00 in reserves.  Additionally considering that the Association is operating on essentially a zero budget, that leaves approximately $22,000 for projects.


Ladder:  This is a life safety issue.  The ladder has been bent out from the side of the pool and needs to be replaced.  Ladder that complies with current code has been estimated at $1,000.  Board approves this project.

Pool deck:  The deck will have to be replaced within two years.  Board agrees to solicit estimates for three types of pool decking:  Cool Deck, Acrylic and Pavers.  Estimates are expected to range from $7,000-$25,000.  We need to get firm estimates on cost and longevity to decide on the best course of action.  This has historically been the Association’s largest recurring expense.

Turf outside the fence along Albrighton Ct:  Chinch bugs have killed the grass in several sections necessitating removal and re-sod.  New landscaping contractor, Dobson’s, is now applying the pesticides to eliminate infestation.  Board agrees to get estimates on the re-sod project.

Electrical:  1) The perimeter lights only work intermittently.  2)  Outdoor fans on a timer switch in pavilion.  Board agrees to get estimates on both projects and proceed immediately if the estimates are reasonable.  Greg Clifford will forward contact info for a couple of electricians to John Ewseychik.

Fence:  The fence between pool and Viola properties is in need of immediate replacement.  John Ewseychik indicates that in his experience, a replacement fence would cost about $3,500; a replacement wall would cost approximately $10,000 and would likely require a professional survey that would cost around $1,000.  Additionally it would be nice to expand the pool’s usable area by moving the iron fence behind pavilion 90° to include the recently cleaned-up natural area.  Board agrees that we will solicit estimates and decide from there.
Other business:

Board discussed the current state of outstanding dues, foreclosures and illegal garage conversions.

John Carter reports that as of the end of the 1st quarter grace period, only 1 homeowner has dues outstanding.  That home is going through foreclosure, the attorney is aware of the late charges and dues owing through 2nd quarter.  In a telephone conversation, homeowner told John Carter that he will not be paying.  John Ewseychik as registered agent of the Association is due any foreclosure information from the attorney, which at this point has not been forthcoming.  It is decided that John Carter will draft another email to the attorney.  Additionally is the matter of this homeowner’s illegal garage conversion.  John Ewseychik indicates that the issue has been referred to the Wekiva Hunt Club master association which is taking steps to cloud the home’s title.

John Carter reports that for 2nd quarter 2008, there are ten late payments, which is abnormally high.  Two of those properties are going through foreclosure.  Late notices have gone out to all ten.

The foreclosures in the Association have already resulted in non-payment of dues.  This is a nationwide crisis.  As the Association operates on an essentially zero budget, any reduction of income will negatively affect the Association’s ability to maintain and improve the property.

The second foreclosure property in the Association is now under contract for sale.  The bank and realtor for the buyer have contacted John Ewseyckik to request that we clear the title – provided the buyer reverses the illegal garage conversion within 60 days of closing – so the sale can be completed.  The board is in agreement that if 1) the bank pays attorney’s fees to have a binding legal instrument written 2) the buyer(s) execute (sign) the legal instrument 3) the buyer(s) understand they will be sued if they do not complete the reversion to a functional garage within the 60 days agreed to.   John Ewseychik will contact the bank / realtor to convey this information.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:49 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Clifford