Board: Nov 30


November 30, 2008

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on November 30, 2008, at the WGVHA pool on Albrighton Ct., Longwood, Florida.

John Ewseychik, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.  Also in attendance were John Carter and Greg Clifford.

The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to review and vote on the proposed 2009 budget.

John Carter summarizes that the budget is very simple.  In order to have income meet outlay with no capital expenditures, the dues must be increased five percent (5%) to avoid depleting  the Association’s reserve funds.  John Carter presents the proposed budget.  Proposed budget assumes:  1) Five percent (5%) increase in dues; 2) No bad debt from delinquencies, foreclosures or bankruptcies; 3) No capital improvements or expenditures in 2009; 4)  Expenses for 2009 based on 2008 expenses plus four percent (4%).

Board discussion recognizes sensitivity to the fact that in these tight economic times, an increase in dues would like to be avoided.  However given recent inflation combined with a four hundred eighty dollar ($480) write-off due to a bankruptcy in the neighborhood plus additional delinquencies, an increase is unavoidable.  Board will continue its policy of competitive bid process for vendor contracts.  It should also be noted that to protect all homeowner members, board requires all vendors to carry workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Greg Clifford made a motion to approve the budget as proposed.  Motion was seconded by John Ewseyckik.  The motion to approve the 2009 budget was approved unanimously.

Greg Clifford read the minutes for tonight’s meeting.  John Carter made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  The motion was seconded by John Ewseychik.  The motion to accept the minutes was passed.

John Carter moved to adjourn the meeting; Greg Clifford seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:20p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Clifford