Board: Aug 11


August 11, 2009

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on August 11, 2009, at the WGVHA pool on Albrighton, Longwood, Florida.

Greg Clifford, President, calls the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Also in attendance were John Carter, Elaine Curran, and Andy Williams.

John Carter moves to approve the May 21, 2009 board minutes.  Elaine Curran seconds the motion, which is then approved unanimously.

Greg Clifford informs board that the foreclosure has been finalized on 110 W York Ct.  Bank of America will soon own the property.  A discussion was held with the President of the Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association regarding past due HOA fees and the conversion of the garage to a living space.  These two issues are present in the foreclosure file for this home.  Greg showed copy of compliance letter issued by HOA that was issued in relation to the garage conversion that violates HOA rules.

Elaine Curran, Treasurer, provides treasurer’s report to board.  Variances year to date include chair re-strapping, electrical repair, and drain cover expenses.  Elaine presents opportunity to move $5,000 from traditional savings account earning 0.1% interest to 3.25% tax-free municipal bond. Andy makes a motion to invest the $5,000 in the municipal bond, Elaine Curran seconds, and the board approves unanimously.  John Carter agrees to review this investment option and provide feedback to Elaine Curran.

Board was informed by HOA member that light nearest pool has burned out.  Greg Clifford will look into replacing bulb and/or light unit(s) to prevent high electricity and bulb replacement costs.

Board discusses adding a requirement for HOA members to notify the HOA when a residence is rented.

Greg Clifford provides information on bids received to install a new domed pool drain cover and to replace the in-pool light bulb at the pavilion end of the pool. Two bids were received, with Barry Winn’s being the most competitive. The board agrees to move forward with Winn’s Pools to have the drain cover installed for $265. Winn’s Pools will also be able to replace the pool light which is burned out for about $65. During the bid process, the board also solicited quotes for twice weekly pool service and found that the current vendor still offers the best value.

Greg Clifford also reviews two quotes received to remove dead tree from pool area.  The first bid received from Aggressive was for $400, and the second bid received from Mancuso was for $300. Andy Williams moves to accept the bid from Mancuso and have the tree removed.  John Carter seconds the motion, which is then approved by all.  Greg Clifford will ask permission from Wekiva Hunt Club Community Assn. prior to having tree removed.

Greg Clifford will begin working on plans for an HOA party to tentatively take place in November 2009.

John Carter moves to adjourn meeting.  Elaine Curran seconds, and all agree to end meeting at 8:30pm