Board: May 21


May 21, 2009

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on May 21, 2009, at the WGVHA pool on Albrighton, Longwood, Florida.

Greg Clifford, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 7:22 pm. Also in attendance were John Carter and Steve Tretter.

Having received 2 quotes on chair restrapping, board discussion follows to discuss $740 bid from Star Patio (work to be done off-site over 2 week period), and $1240 bid from Horizon Casual (work to be performed on-site in one day). Motion was made to approve the bid from Star Patio as long as work could be done after Memorial Day weekend. The motion was seconded and the vote passed unanimously. Greg Clifford will make the arrangements.

It is noted by Steve Tretter and Greg Clifford that some people have been bringing glass bottles into the pool area. John Carter points out that if glass is broken and gets in the pool, the pool will have to be closed down, drained, cleaned, and refilled. This would involve great inconvenience and expense. The thought is that perhaps owner/landlords have not informed their tenants of the pool rules. Board is considering door-to-door delivery of information packet including copy of rules and a request for contact information for those who are renting their homes. Another consideration is to implement policy wherein if glass is broken in pool area and pool draining is required, the property owner of the offender will be billed for entire cost of draining/cleaning/refilling.

The meeting is adjourned at 7:47pm.