Annual: May 31


May 31, 2011

The annual meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on May 31. 2011 at the Kon’s Studio at 480 Needles Trail Longwood, 32779.

Steve Tretter, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 6:50 pm. The combination of owners present and proxies received was 15, and a quorum was declared.

Steve Tretter presents the agenda for the meeting and indicates that purpose of the meeting will be to nominate new Board of Directors and such other business as may lawfully be conducted. Mr. Tretter introduces Paul Wean from the association’s attorney’s office, Wean and Malchow. He also recognizes Nancy and Dan Kon for offering up their studio as the location for the meeting.

Andy Williams read the minutes from the 2010 Annual Meeting. Mr. Tretter moved that the minutes be approved as amended. John Ewseychik seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Steve Tretter presents the President’s Report. Mr. Tretter made mention of the rising regular maintenance and utility costs and the unanticipated shortcomings due to member foreclosures and bankruptcies. Mr. Tretter, with the help of other board members, did many small repairs and projects without hiring contractors which saved on potential labor costs. A new landscape contractor was also hired this Spring to improve grounds keeping and save money. Mr. Tretter looks forward to serving on the board and to help see projects such as tile and pool deck replacement. Attendees recognized Mr. Tretter for a job well done.

Elaine Curran presented the Treasurer’s Report, which is attached.

The next order of business was election of the one open position on the board of directors. Greg Clifford and Elaine Curran nominate Steve Tretter to serve on the board. Nominations for Mr. Tretter were also received by ballot and proxy. Mr. Tretter was elected by acclamation.

Ms. Kon states that she will make changes to the lettering on the sign including the addition of the association website address. Paul Wean, attorney, suggested that we remove any age requirements from our signage and replace with a statement that those that may be without either the physical or mental skills be accompanied by someone that has these skills and can render meaningful assistance. In addition, it is suggested that we have a statement indicating that those without sufficient bodily control wear water impermeable clothing.

John Carter raised the issue of having some type of process or requirement in place that owners provide pool rules to renters. Mr. Wean stated that it is not possible to require without a change to bylaws. He also stated that it would be difficult to enforce. Various security enhancements are discussed including the posting of a “Security Device in Use” sign, the installation of a camera monitoring system, the installation of a key card system, and raising the wall. Mr. Wean notes that key card settings can be altered to deny entrance to parties that are delinquent by 90 days or more. It is agreed that these options will be further discussed at future meetings.

Mr. Ewseychik discusses the past due amount due the association from the 110 W York Ct property. Mr. Wean indicates that we are entitled payment from at least when ownership changed hands in July of 2010.

It was noted that an organizational meeting will be held soon to elect officers.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:31pm.

Respectfully submitted, Andy Williams, Secretary.