Board: Mar 13


March 13, 2012

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on March 13, 2012, at the WGVHA pool on Albrighton Court, Longwood, Florida.

Steve Tretter, President, called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm. Also in attendance were Elaine Curran, John Ewseychik and Shawn Fourez.

We received bids from six vendors:

Sun Surfaces of Orlando

  • Pool Deck Acrylic – 8,475 (includes removal of exterior beam tiles)
  • Raised Patio Cool Deck – 804
  • Raised Patio Paint Only – 1,019 (includes re-paint of bathroom floors)


  • Pool Deck Acrylic – 4,700
  • Pool Deck Pavers – 13,200
  • Pavers for Driveway entrance apron – 1,600

Paver King 

  • Pool Deck Acrylic – 3,690
  • Would not quote Pavers

Classic Surfaces 

  • Pool Deck Acrylic – 5,750

Solara Pavers

  • Pool Deck Pavers – 12,000
  • Exterior Pool Tile Replace – 1,900
  • Top Pool Edge and Fix – 1,500

Paver Way

  • Pool Deck Pavers – 13,000

Discussed pavers vs. cool deck comparing the aesthetic appeal, useful lifetime, practicality of adding pavers to a concrete surface and cost. We decided to call a vote at our annual meeting. Then move forward with the project based on the vote.

Discussed resurfacing of pool and reviewed various quotes ranging between 10,500 and 12,000 which would include replacing tiles on the inner portion of the beam.

Discussed candidates for upcoming vacancy being made by Andy. So far Rebecca Viola and Nancy Kon have expressed interest.

Discussed the need for no trespassing signs for the pool as there was a recent event where some kids jumped over the fence and were in the pool area. John and Shawn felt the signs were unsightly. Steve recommended a security system from Costco for 170 that is motion detected then video tapes and alerts the perpetrator they are trespassing.

Discussed gutter work that needs to be done with pool. Leslie pools would not quote an option to fix, Barry did offer to fix and quoted price370 to install new 4″ slide valve with hardware and union and a 2 hour labor estimate. John motioned to approve, Shawn seconded it and Steve moved to approve.

Shawn motioned to dismiss, Elaine Seconds it and John moves. The meeting is adjourned at 7:30 pm.