Annual: Jan 23


January 23, 2013

The annual meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on January 23, 2013 at the West Branch of the Seminole County Library, 245 N. Hunt Club Boulevard, Longwood, Florida.

Shawn Fourez, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  The combination of owners present and proxies received was 16, and a quorum was declared.

John Carter moved that the minutes from the 2012 Annual Meeting be approved as submitted.  Shawn Fourez seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Shawn Fourez presented the President’s Report and introduces Paul Wean from the association’s attorney’s office. Shawn discussed accomplished improvements for 2012:  deck resurfacing and painting of bathrooms.  Added  $4300 in surplus funds.

Shawn discusses Board’s desire in keeping dues consistent.  Pool filter coming up and in the budget for 2013.

Elaine Curran presented the Treasurer’s Report, which is attached.

Shawn Fourez and Kirk Kief have placed names in for nomination of 2 positions.

The floor was opened for additional nominations for attendees to nominate themselves from the floor for open board positions.  Nobody announced intention.  Nominations were closed.

John Ewseychik moves to accept nominations.  Elaine Curran seconds.  No opposition.  No discussion requested.  Shawn Fourez and Kirk Kief are elected.

Shawn discusses dog feces left in yards and requests consideration. Attorney notes there is a service that will test for DNA of dog feces to allow for fining of dog owners.  Notes that may want to offer this up as a risk.

John Carter inquires whether reserves study has been ordered.  John Ewseychik confirms reserve study was done at a board level.   John Carter wonders if $27,000 in reserves is sufficient.  John Ewseychik states Board believes $20,000 is reasonable and we are exceeding that.

Attorney states if HOA documents require association to have reserves then we must have them. Further, if membership takes vote to have reserves and approves reserves by majority vote we must maintain reserves. He is not aware of any requirements in our documents or of any vote by our association to maintain reserves.  Therefore amount of reserves are discretionary at the wish of the Board.  Reserve study is good to have and should have and if formal reserve study is performed it should be followed and not deviated from without good cause.  John Ewseychik says that the report that Shawn prepared was comprehensive and John in turn researched his recommendations and was comfortable with it. John got expert opinions from contractors and the final reserve figures were adjusted accordingly.

John Carter is concerned about using the extra cash versus a plan to waive dues and doesn’t want to waive dues.  Shawn and John Ewseychik express that they have no interest in waiving dues in the future.  The expenses for maintaining decking and surfacing will need to be planned for and can eat into the surplus.

Discussions for expanding the wooded area in parking lot as a picnic area in 2013 and concrete apron around the landscaping beds are potential.  Cost of these improvements has not been explored.

Steve Tretter brings up efficiency of utilities as cost savings potential.  Lighting currently is high wattage bulbs.  LED is alternative option.   With LED there is a substantial cost investment but potential for savings in utility expenses.  No maintenance with high quality LED lights.  Also high efficiency pump motor for the pool will result in economy of savings with utility costs.  If we put in one of these pumps, look at $1100 cost. Cost to repair existing for $50 to $100. Motor only for about $850.  It’s questioned whether it makes sense in upgrading motor without the pump.  To get full efficiency should replace both.  Shawn notes if we can break even in 24 months or less in utilities savings it may make sense to look at.

John Ewseychik expresses concerns amount of lighting on the pool and certain regulations that we need so many foot panels on pool surface and deck area.  He questions attorney whether we are grandfathered from these new regulations or do we need to upgrade?  Attorney confirms that regulations relate to public pools. Our pool is not public so these regulations don’t apply to us.  It’s commercial but not public so does not think they apply to us.  Therefore no issue of having to upgrade to meet regulations.  ADA regulations don’t apply to us because they apply to pools open to the general public and we are not open to the general public. Likewise, handicapped accessibility applies to public pools.  Under fair housing requirements we must make reasonable accommodations for person with handicap.  We must permit the person to modify the common areas at their own expense.  He notes a recent case authority held that association had to install lift for handicapped person in association pool, but he believes it was incorrectly ruled.

John Carter motions to accept the annual meeting minutes from last year’s meeting.  Shawn seconds.  Minutes approved.

John Ewseychik moves to close the meeting.  Shawn seconds.  Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.