Annual: Jan 22


January 22, 2014

Meeting called to order 6:40 p.m. by Steve Tretter.

Confirmed that 14 proxies have been received prior to tonight’s meeting. 5 additional voting homeowners were present in person. 14 homeowners required; quorum is established.

Introduction of current board members. Steve Tretter president following Shawn Fourez’s resignation. Kirk Kief serves as vice president. Rebecca Viola is secretary and Elaine Curran is treasurer. With Shawn’s resignation went from 5 board members to 4. With current voting this evening, we will grow back to a board of 5 members.

Steve calls for approval of annual meeting minutes of 2013. John Ewseychik moves to approve; Kirk seconds. Discussion sought; no discussion. All members in favor. Minutes approved.

President’s report presented by Steve:
Added 2 new homes to the HOA in 2013 to bring total to 46 homes.

Steve discusses expenditures including pool decking, and overall dissatisfaction with workmanship. New butterfly valve installed to assist with gutter drain area. The pool pump motor is not in good repair. Steve addresses high efficiency pump versus repair of existing motor. Repairs would approximate $250. New pump is about $1,200 with estimated savings of $25 per month, which would pay for itself in approximately 3 years. Estimated lift expectancy is 10 years.

John Ewseychik voices preference to replace entire pump versus bandaid by replacing only the motor. Nobody in attendance has any objection to replacing entire pump system for the $1,200 estimated figure. Barry will install as part of purchase price. Steve will take steps to effectuate the purchase and installation of new pump system.

LED lighting with timer is about $460. Energy saving potential to pay for themselves versus current lighting system. John Ewseychik and Nancy Kon voice preference to replace lighting with LED fixtures. Steve can and will install. No opposition to by any members present. Steve will effectuate the purchase and installation of new LED lighting.

Signage and neighborhood watch. Steve wants to incorporate Neighborhood Watch signs with other signage to be incorporated in and around the pool. Believes in order to become part of formal Neighborhood Watch program requires a captain and a co-captain. John Ewseychik voices concern over cars parking on street in general. Steve placed small fence type pieces along the curb in front of the pool to inhibit parking on the grass in front of the pool. Discussion regarding whether it is part of the parent Wekiva Hunt Club HOA that parking on the street is not permitted.

Discussion is held concerning contacting the Wekiva Hunt Club HOA concerning architectural control and compliance concerning landscaping and yard appearance. Agreement that as an HOA ourselves we will attempt to fix the problems before approaching the master HOA. Patrice recommends “over communication” as the key to solving the problem.

Treasurer’s Report: In summary, had a net gain for 2013 with cost cutting measures. Nancy Kon congratulates the Board on fiscal responsibility.

Kirk makes a motion to accept treasurer’s report. John and Steve simultaneously second the motion. All in attendance in favor of accepting treasurer’s report. Motion carries.

Termite Bond: Further investigations will be made concerning the covenants and whether we are mandated to carry termite bond. Nancy expresses option of self-treatment and prevention options. John Ewseychik feels the board has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the structures. Further investigation into bonding will be undertaken.

Steve Tretter, John Ewseychik, Wendy Kief and Michael Barina have placed names in for nomination of 2 positions.

The floor was opened for additional nominations for attendees to nominate themselves from the floor for open board positions. Nobody announced intention. Nominations were closed.

Proxy votes and in-person ballots were tallied and Steve Tretter and John Ewseychik were nominated to the 2014 Board of Directors.

Steve opens floor for any other issues or agenda; none were expressed.

Kirk moves to adjourn the meeting; Steve seconds. Meeting was adjourned at 7:28 p.m.