Board: Nov 12


NOVEMBER 12, 2014

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association took place on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at the Wekiva Golf Villas Community Pool in Longwood, Florida.

John Ewseychik called the meeting to order at 6:44 p.m.  Also present at the meeting were Elaine Curran, Kirk Kief, John Carter, Rebecca Viola and Steve Tretter (via telephone).

Agenda for the evening was to approve the 2015 proposed budget and such other matters as may be necessary.

John E. discussed that the reserves appear sufficient such that it will not be necessary to consider a raise in dues for 2015.

Discussion was held concerning the surface of the pool. Steve advises that it’s being monitored annually.  Estimated cost to re-marcite is approximately $10,000.  Pool deck may need to be sealed at a cost of $2,000 per John E. Steve says other contractors have suggested rather than investing that do 1″ thinset pavers that are actually adhered to deck like tile. John, Kirk and Steve agree that to seal would be throwing good money after bad.

Nobody knows of any repairs that will combine to exceed $2,000. Steve feels may be seeing savings in utilities. Steve is investigating getting electricity to pavilion area. Pump and motor have been refreshed. John E. recommends reallocation of $1,000 to repairs and $700 into reserves. John moves Steve seconds and all agree.

Signs will be submitted for new quotes by Steve.  Approximates $500 to include pool signs and neighborhood watch signs.

Sabal palms near parking will develop into problem for the new fence. Steve proposes quote to remove. Kirk agrees.

Kirk moves to approve budget as redrafted. Steve seconds. No discussion. Motion carries unanimously.

Kirk moves to approve all outstanding minutes for meetings of 1/22/14; 2/20/14; 2/10/14; and 6/12/14. Steve seconds. Motion carries and all minutes approved.

New business includes:

Notice to members for new board members. Adam Kwater and Debbie Moyer expressed interest when Kirk distributed keys. Kirk will send an email. Members should approach neighbors.

Discussion concerning the issue of a recent incident with a man exposing himself at pool. Sheriff advised John E. that both trespasser and complainant must be on property at time of call and when officer arrival. Absent either no complaint can be taken.

Kirk brings up cameras at hunting stores are inexpensive have motion sensors and timers. John E. recommends John C. revisit his prior research on camera. John C. questions who would monitor. Concern over resident complaints of being videotaped. John C. will research cost.

Elaine questioned use of fake cameras and Steve mentioned prior suit of an HOA when woman assaulted and cameras were not real but lead to believe.

There are no other new or pending matters.

Steve moves to adjourn. Elaine seconds. Meeting adjourned 7:11 pm