Board: Nov 30


NOVEMBER 30, 2015

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association was held on November 30, 2015 at the Wekiva Golf Villas Community Pool in Longwood, Florida.

John Ewseychik called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Also present at the meeting were Patrice Burke, Steve Tretter, Adam Kwater, John Carter, Charlotte Carter, Ryan Engelhardt, and Rebecca Warwick.

Agenda for the evening was to finalize and adopt budget for 2016 and address any other matters as necessary and pending before the board.

Patrice reviews proposed budget to include capital improvements of $500 for security camera and $150 for another light. Flood will be replaced with LED as necessary for approximately $100 each x 3. Also include cost for “no diving” tiles on pool to be in compliance with county codes. $250 for signs around pool. $1,000 total for repairs.

Termite bond expense was removed because had not been carried for some time. Discussion about prior termite bond and necessity for renewing. John moves for a vote of whether to renew termite bond. Board members vote 3-2 not to renew bond.

Discussion re: video cameras and question of who will review it and how to install it and the expectation that it will be hit or broken. Adam notes that primary concern needs to be lighting because even if we have a camera, without sufficient lighting will be ineffective. Steve moves to strike that line item for $500 for lighting. All board members in favor and that motion carries.

Will add another $150 for lighting.

John moves for an approval of the budget with revisions noted above. Steve seconds. All members in favor; motion carries with revisions. Patrice will revise and email to Rebecca for distribution.

Steve and Adam have discussed moving the wrought iron fencing and relocating it to open up the unused area with picnic table and stepping-stones with an outdoor grill. John questions the status of the marcite and Steve says it’s holding up now. Prior estimate was $12-13,000 for re-marcite and re-tiling. John notes deck is still holding together and will be ok for another year or two.

Adam feels he can get assistance with clearing the unused overgrown area outside the fence. Encourages additional lighting and going inexpensive with dirt, gravel, picnic area. Discuss concrete installation of a stationary charcoal grill, picnic table with concrete footer and chain, pavers for walkways. Estimates $5,000 total cost. Adam estimates wiring and electricity to pavilion for $400, adding motion sensor lighting. Mulch and pavers to cover the area once cleaned out.

Discussion to confirm that Kirk Kief’s term would have expired at the time of the 2016 annual meeting and Patrice agrees to run for office.

John Ewseychik moves to confirm the 2016 assessment will remain unchanged. Steve seconds. Unanimous vote of board members; motion carries.

There are no other new or pending matters.

Patrice moves to adjourn; Adam seconds. Meeting adjourned 7:47 p.m.