Annual: Jan 26


January 26, 2016

Meeting called to order 7:04 p.m. by John Ewseychik.

Confirmed that 8 proxies have been received prior to tonight’s meeting.   5 additional voting homeowners were present in person. 12 homeowners required; quorum is established.

Introduction of current board members.  John Ewseychik, president; Steve Tretter, vice president; Rebecca Warwick, secretary; Patrice Burke, treasurer; and Adam Kwater, Board Position at Large.

John seeks volunteers to serve as committee to confirm votes for new incoming board members.  John Carter agrees to serve as committee members.

The unapproved minutes of the 2015 meeting are read into the record.  John calls for approval of annual meeting minutes of 2015.  Steve  moves to approve; Patrice seconds.  Discussion sought; no discussion.  All members in favor.  Minutes approved.

President’s report presented by John:

Plans for 2016 include moving the fencing to extend the inside pool area to include the area currently behind the parking lot, adding lighting and ceiling fans to the pavilion, and pool signage.  Barry Winn has one set of lettering, needs two sets.

The Wekiva Hunt Club Association recently contacted John and said they thought WGVHA needs to maintain the outer wall.  John took the position that Wekiva Hunt Club maintains the brick walls around other neighborhoods and we are no different.  He hasn’t heard any more from them since that time.  The wall is not in an easement.

Treasurer’s Report:

Patrice presented the treasurer’s report and is fully set forth in the Treasurer’s Report for 2015 as set forth on the website at

John  makes a motion to accept treasurer’s report.  Rebecca seconds the motion.  All in attendance in favor of accepting treasurer’s report.  Motion carries.

Election of board members.  Patrice Burke has placed name in for nomination of the one open board position.  The floor was opened for additional nominations for attendees to nominate themselves from the floor for open board positions.  Nobody announced intention.  Nominations were closed.

John moves to accept the slate as proposed; Steve seconds.  No objections; motion carries.

Proxy votes and in-person ballots are tallied and Patrice Burke is nominated to the 2015 Board of Directors.

John opens the floor for any other issues or agenda:  There are none.

John moves to adjourn meeting; Rebecca seconds.  Meeting is adjourned at 7:26 p.m.