Board: Jun 1



June 1, 2017

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association was held on June 1, 2017 at the Wekiva Golf Villas Community Pool for the purpose of ongoing review of pending and upcoming projects and expenditures for remainder of 2017 and other issues as necessary.

John Ewseychik called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.  Also present were Patrice Burke, Rebecca Warwick, and Adam Kwater.  An attempt to reach Steve Tretter by telephone at that time was unsuccessful. A quorum is achieved.

John moves to approve the minutes from the May 9, 2017 meeting as drafted; Rebecca seconds. All in favor; motion carries.

Picnic Area:  Discussion concerning who the vendor may have been who installed the post fencing; would have been installed prior to 2003.  There may be vendor information in the file cabinet in storage or in box with Patrice.  The concern is that the posts may have been installed in concrete and may be costly to move.  The plan calls for moving the wall to behind the railroad tie retaining wall in the parking lot with a landscape buffer.  John proposes 2 commercial grade composite recycled plastic with pipe base picnic tables. Tables cost approximately $800 – $1,000 for 8’ table.  Consensus is that we would prefer to spend a little bit more money for the 8’ table as opposed to 6’ tables.  Discussion concerning one versus two grills; consensus is to go ahead and pay for installation of two.  One trash receptacle.  Cypress mulch will be installed for cost saving purposes.  John is awaiting quotes for tables, grills and trash receptacles.  Hopeful that entire project can be complete for $5,000 to remain in budget.  Working budget for projects, including electrical, was $7,000 for the year.

Painting of wall, gazebo and building:  (A second attempt to reach Steve Tretter via telephone was made at this time, without success.)  With paint project to be completed in next couple of weeks, John would like to discuss finalization of paint colors for the gazebo and building.  John proposes having the fascia boards and trim painted in white, anticipating installation of a new black roof.  Steve previously voiced concern over the white trim being a maintenance issue, getting dirty easier.  While certainly a consideration, the entire color scheme is light enough that dirt will always be a factor.  John moves for approval of paint scheme as follows:  white gazebo, seating color dark color consistent with that of bathroom doors; building color consistent with wall; fascia board and trim white; doors darker color to match seating.  Patrice seconds; all in favor; motion carries.

Bear Resistant Trash Receptables:  Discussion concerning the Seminole County grant for reduced cost bear proof trash containers and submission of application as an HOA.  Agreed that the most we can do at this point is to enclose a survey with the quarterly dues to gauge interest in purchase by residents.

Per prior motions, Rebecca proposes and motions that the board agree to the foregoing improvements and, after reviewing bids from vendors, John be granted authority to move forward with scheduling and signing of contracts.  Patrice seconds; all in favor; motion carries.

Adjourned 7:27 p.m.