Board: Jun 20



June 20, 2017

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association was held on June 20, 2017 at the Wekiva Golf Villas Community Pool for the purpose of ongoing review of pending and upcoming projects and expenditures for remainder of 2017 and other issues as necessary.

John Ewseychik called the meeting to order at 6:43 p.m.  Also present were Patrice Burke, Rebecca Warwick, and Steve Tretter. A quorum is achieved.

John moves to approve the minutes from the June 1, 2017 meeting as drafted; Rebecca seconds. All in favor; motion carries.

Picnic Area:  Based on current bids, we are going outside the scope of the budget as approved by the board for the picnic area improvements.  John is concerned with amount of money in respect to how many units we have.  Picnic tables, grills and trash receptacles are $4,260 without installation.  Fence relocating came in higher than expected at $1,485. Clearing, mulch and dump fees are currently at $1,175.  And would need to add $500 for assembly and installation of tables and grills.  Total bids currently at $7,920, including the $500 survey expenses already incurred.  There is concern that there is also no contingency fund in place should expenses for labor exceed current estimates.

John proposes purchase of two inexpensive wooden picnic tables for approximately $100 each and installation of the commercial grade grills as quoted.  Steve proposes not installing grills at all and allowing residents to bring electric or charcoal grills on their own as they have for years, which would put the burden of clean-up of the grills back on the resident.  Steve is concerned that we will need a fire extinguisher installed which will result in another vandalism issue.

Cost of grills are $259 each, uninstalled. Dave can do the installation and assembly of tables and grills.  Installation of grills would include a wooden square filled with gravel under the grills, which would be inset underground in concrete.  Steve is concerned that the grill residue will attract bears, but neither Rebecca nor John have had problems with bears with outdoor grills in their homes.

In total, revised plan would approximate $5,000 as opposed to the current bids of nearly $8,000, which allows us to stay well within the allotted budget for 2017 capital improvements.

Rebecca proposes a motion to modify the picnic area improvements to include (1) relocating fence, (2) clearing and mulching the area, (3) purchase and installation of commercial grade grills, (4) purchase, assembly, painting and installation of standard grade wooden picnic tables, and (5) purchase and installation of standard grade metal trash container; John seconds the motion.  Patrice, John and Rebecca in favor; Steve opposes.  Motion carries by majority vote.

John will move forward with finalizing contracts and ordering equipment.

Electrical Work:  With respect to prior electrician work performed, there was more work than originally anticipated.  Steve also notes that there is additional work that needs to be done with the ground wires surrounding the water fountain and GFI outlet.  John feels that the electrician needs to be paid for this additional work done at the fountain (that was beyond the scope of his contract).  Steve will contact and coordinate completion of this additional work and troubleshooting necessary to finish this existing circuit.

Steve brought a “full cut-off” LED wall-mount style commercial-grade light that was evaluated and approved for use at the pavilion.

Water Meter Box: Steve has concerns about water meter box being broken again and has previously gotten estimates for a paver curtain. John will call utility company regarding the repair to the utility box.  The cost for pavers at the entry to the parking lot and the easement where the utility box lies will need to be addressed in subsequent capital improvement budgets.

Bear Resistant Trash Receptacles:  Due to lack of response from residents, there was not enough interest on any block within the HOA to allow the board to submit a request for reduced cost trash receptacles.  This endeavor will be discontinued.

Pool Sign:  Steve has a standard pool sign that complies with Florida code that was provided by Barry Wynn at a cost of $27, which has not yet been paid for by the Association.  Installation of the subject sign would require it to be affixed to the currently installed sign with painting to cover up wording that would carry over.  Before installation, Rebecca will research requirements for signage language and do further work with Adam on quotes for custom signage.

Collection Services: SMART Collection Alliance sent price sheet for collections and filing of liens, and the cost is passed on to the resident. Using an outside service for collections would keep the Treasurer, who is also a resident, from having to send collection notices to her neighbors.  A failure to pay would then escalate the collection proceedings to our attorneys for the same process we are currently following.  John prefers to keep the collections in-house and is agreeable to placing his name on the cover letter rather than Patrice.  Likewise, Steve doesn’t like the idea of causing additional expenses on the part of residents who are in a tough position.  Both John and Patrice indicated that if residents communicate with the board of financial hardship, they are not turned over to attorney for follow-up anyway.  Collection proceedings will stay as they are currently conducted, with John’s name being placed on the collection letter in place of Patrice’s name.

Brick on Outer Wall:  There are bricks missing from the outer wall, which will be difficult to match and replace.  John is in the process of obtaining a copy of the property plat, as surveys suggest that the wall rests within an easement that remains the responsibility of the master HOA to maintain and repair.  We will not take any action to facilitate repair at this time, with the intention of seeking repairs by the master HOA at a later time.

There are no other pending or new matters to discuss at this time.

Adjourned 7:46 p.m.