Board: Mar 7



MARCH 7, 2017

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association was held on March 7, 2017 at the Wekiva Golf Villas Community Pool for the purpose of appointing board members to the open positions and other issues as necessary.

John Ewseychik called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.  Also present were Steve Tretter, Patrice Burke and Rebecca Warwick.

John moves to accept the slate of officers as follows:

  • President – John Ewseychik
  • Vice-President – Steve Tretter
  • Treasurer –  Patrice Burke
  • Secretary – Rebecca Warwick
  • Board Position-at-Large – Adam Kwater

Rebecca seconds the motion.  There is no opposition and the motion is unanimously approved.

The board discusses upcoming expenditures as follows:

The chaise lounge chairs all need re-strapping and some of the regular chairs require repairs as well.  It was agreed that we will take immediate steps to undertake repairs of the chairs and chaise lounges in anticipation of this coming pool season.  Rebecca will contact vendors and determine pick up versus drop off, pricing, etc.

Roof on the pool house and the gazebo are showing their age. John has climbed on the roof and finds little to no granular material present.  John and Steve believe this is the original roof to the structure and both estimate it has outlived its normal life expectancy.  Leaks and replacement is eminent and we will be prepared for the expenditure when it begins to leak and can no longer protect the structure.  In the meantime, Steve will get with Barry Wynn to provide him with a cleaning agent and have Barry apply it.

Pool deck, gazebo, outer building all in need cleaning and pressure washing.

Pool will need to be resurfaced in the next year to two.  Barry Wynn estimates another one year of life expectancy.

When pool is resurfaced, will also address the decking.

Patrice also proposes we plan to pay for an accounting-only HOA management service for purposes of invoicing, collections, and keeping up on any law amendments affecting the Board and operations of the HOA.

John proposes we hire an electrician to hang lighting and ceiling fan in gazebo.  All in agreement.  Steve will shop out the cost and oversight of the project to get it done.

Steve will contact locksmith to look at gate lock.

We have been fortunate with longevity of the roof, pool surfacing and decking, but are prepared for large expenses when the time necessitates.

Republic Surveying will have the survey done in two weeks.  From there, the Board will reconvene to create a master plan for enhancements and repairs to the pool and park areas.

Discussion re: approval of and transition to a Dream Green, LLC, a Wekiva based company who will be providing landscaping services, fertilizer and pest control services, irrigation services and facilities cleaning (i.e., will take over prior duties of RLC Landscaping and Royal Maid Services). Patrice received final invoice for RLC for month of February; we will hold final invoice pending receipt of returned pool keys. Rebecca will follow up with RLC. Royal Maids has returned pool key and invoices are current and paid.

Steve will contact Backflows of Central Florida to certify our backflow system and handle paperwork.

Accountant sent taxes.  We don’t owe anything.  Accountant recommended $15,000 be moved into savings account.  Patrice effectuated transfer, leaving $9,000 in operating.

John attended the utilities hearings recently, and was surprised to see that WHCCA was the only association / board who didn’t have representation at the hearings.

We will not purchase paint to repair outer wall, as many homeowners have already made repairs and painted their walls per the recent WHCCA violation notices.

Adjourned 7:07 p.m.