Board: May 9



May 9, 2017

A board meeting of the Wekiva Golf Villas Homeowners’ Association was held on May 9, 2017 at the Wekiva Golf Villas Community Pool for the purpose of reviewing anticipated expenditures for remainder of 2017 and other issues as necessary.

John Ewseychik called the meeting to order at 637 p.m.  Also present were Patrice Burke, Rebecca Warwick, Adam Kwater and Steve Tretter.  A quorum is achieved.

John moves to approve the minutes from the March 7, 2017 meeting as drafted; Rebecca seconds. All in favor; motion carries.

Survey completed; Rebecca will retain in safe keeping the certified copies and for purposes of pulling permits as necessary in the future.

Patrice discusses important topics raised at a recent HOA Board Certification seminar hosted at IOA in Longwood.  There is also discussion concerning possibility of a local firm who will send out late notices and fees paid by homeowners as opposed to HOA.

The board discusses upcoming expenditures. Rebecca proposes and motions that the board agree to the following improvements and, after reviewing bids from vendors, John be granted authority to move forward with scheduling and signing of contracts.  Patrice seconds; all in favor; motion carries.

Several proposals from various vendors were reviewed, and it was agreed that the following improvements will be priority and John will move forward with finalizing estimates and scheduling work:

  1. Barry Winn will pressure wash the pool deck, pavilion deck and walkway (all floor surfaces), bleach spraying the underside of the pavilion and low pressure washing of that structure careful not to peel paint, and bleach cleaning front stained area of wall only at a cost of $270
  1. GDF Remodeling will repair the rotted wood on the building structure and replace with cedar wood at a cost of $880
  1. McQuiston Painting will pressure wash, prep and paint inside and outside of wall, and building structure at a cost of $1,375

Steve will get proposal for running electricity to the pavilion to allow for installation of outdoor rated fans and lighting.  Steve has located a master electrician, who Steve will plan to meet on site this week to obtain quote and scope of work.  Once quote is available, Adam will review and submit to John for moving forward with finalization of work.

Steve will request a quote from McQuiston Painting for prep and painting of the neighborhood signs at each street entrance. Quotes shall be submitted to John for review and finalization of work.

Adjourned 7:37 p.m.