Annual: Jan 23


MINUTES (unapproved)
January 23, 2018

Meeting called to order 6:32 p.m. by John Ewseychik.

Confirmed that 11 proxies have been received prior to tonight’s meeting.   5 additional voting homeowners were present in person. 12 homeowners required; quorum is established.

Introduction of current board members.  John Ewseychik, president; Steve Tretter, vice president; Rebecca Warwick, secretary; Patrice Burke, treasurer; and Adam Kwater (not in attendance), Board Position at Large.

John seeks volunteers to serve as committee to confirm votes for new incoming board members.  Kirk Kief agrees to serve as committee member.

The unapproved minutes of the 2017 meeting are read into the record.  John calls for approval of annual meeting minutes of 2017.  Steve moves to approve; Patrice seconds.  Discussion sought; no discussion.  All members in favor.  Minutes approved.

President’s report presented by John:

We added park area this year at the request of quite a few residents, particularly on York Avenue.  Including survey, cost of $6,179.  Looking ahead to 2018, plans to explore cost for a new roof for cabana building, which is 30 years old and original to construction.  We will be looking to Barry Wynn and other experts for new marcite and decking input.  We are going to try to start addressing some of those solutions in 2018.

Wendy inquires about possibility of looking into a metal roof, which would increase longevity, and John agrees to explore that option.

We have a formal survey now, which will be of use in future projects.  Of interest, it turns out there is a 10-foot wall and sidewalk easement on the survey, which leads John to believe that the maintenance of the wall may be the responsibility of the master HOA.

When budget was prepared for 2018, we did want to hold back minimum of $20,000 for cash on hand.

Treasurer’s Report:

Patrice presented the treasurer’s report and is fully set forth in the Treasurer’s Report for 2017 as set forth on the website at  Dues increased by 4.5% to $115 per quarter.  Additional maintenance and repairs, pressure cleaning, repairs to furniture, lock replacements were incurred.  No legal fees incurred in 2017.  3-year policy for officers E&O policy renewed in 2017 and will run through 2019. No foreclosures, bankruptcies or non-payments as of conclusion of 2017.

Board Members at Large:

Steve advises directional wall lighting was ordered and should be in this week and should be installed by mid-February.

Steve makes a motion to accept treasurer’s report.  John seconds the motion.  All in attendance in favor of accepting treasurer’s report.  Motion carries.

Election of board members.  Adam Kwater and Rebecca Warwick have placed name in for nomination of the two open board positions.  The floor was opened for additional nominations for attendees to nominate themselves from the floor for open board positions.  Nobody announced intention.  Nominations were closed.

Kirk moves to accept the slate as proposed; Steve seconds.  No objections; motion carries.

Proxy votes and in-person ballots are tallied and Adam Kwater and Rebecca Warwick are nominated to the 2018 Board of Directors.

John opens the floor for any other issues or agenda:

Kirk questions plans to improve landscape following hurricane debris pick-up.  We have dead grass and the elephant ears froze but will grow back.  Given the shade in that area, sod will be difficult to grow.  There are plans to make landscape repairs when season is right to do so.

John Carter moves to adjourn meeting; Rebecca seconds.  Meeting is adjourned at 6:52 p.m.